1 to 1,000 extensions

Phone Systems

SO HO Media Technology provide an Enterprise SIP based Business Phone System that runs directly off the regular office internet modem with little or no additional configuration required.

The PBX itself is hosted in the cloud and independent of local service providers so you no longer need a physical PBX installed in your office to have enterprise call feature's.

Our phone system can be used via a desk phone, web browser, pc app (Windows or Apple) or mobile phone (Android, Windows & iOS).

Even if the internet in your office goes down and you don't have 4G backup, you can still open the mobile app and continue with your call flow.

And as we directly host your Australian landline's, 1300, 1800 and fax lines, provisioning times are measured in hours and minutes, not weeks.

Products & Services

PSTN Sip Trunks

we provide Australian based PSTN SIP Trunk hosting

Landline Hosting

we host and provide Australian landline DID numbers

1300 / 1800 Hosting

we provide and host Australian based 1300/1800 numbers

Desk Phones

we provide SIP based network desktop extensions

Cloud Hosted PBX

we provide cloud hosted enterprise PBX systems

1 – 1000 Extensions

our system provides 1 to 1,000 phone extension's

FREE Mobile App

our phone system includes a fully featured mobile app

Free Conferencing

our phone systems includes a Video Conferencing app