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Everything Internet

SO HO Media have extensive knowledge and experience with all things relating to the internet and supporting technologies.

Our expertise covers website hosting, website design, e-commerce websites, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media for Business, Domain DNS Management and SSL Certificates.

We can also help you with other online systems such as SharePoint 365, Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, aXcelerate, Sage HandiSoft, LawWare, ATOM Legal and many more.

The key to our success with the internet of things is our unique understanding of online technology and connectivity, regardless of which systems or portals use them.

With over 25 years of experience developing and connecting online systems, we have a vast amount of knowledge to share with you.

Products & Services

Domain Registration

we can register and host your domains in minutes

Website Hosting

we can host your website on Australian based servers

Email Hosting

we can host unlimited email accounts on Australian servers

Website Design

we can help you to design your own website


we provide organic and paid search engine optimisation

Managed DNS

we provide Managed DNS and NO-IP services

Social Platforms

we can help you setup or manage your Social platforms

SSL Certificate

we can help you deploy your own SSL Certificates