layered systems

Cyber Security

SO HO Media Technology provide layered cyber security software and systems that cover all aspects of Business IT Security.

To meet your security needs we can provide Antivirus for pc, laptop, server and mobile, network Firewalls, MFA / 2FA, SSL Certificates, VPN's and 24/7 system monitoring.

All of our vendor-based security products and services are Certified and industry recognised as being the leading products in each area of Cyber Security.

This gives us the ability to provide enterprise grade layered security systems across both locally managed and remotely accessed workplaces.

We can also help you with legally binding Governance Policies to help maintain a safe and secure work environment.


Products & Services

Device Security

we provide desktop, laptop and server pc security

Network Security

we provide local and remote network security

Email Security

we provide email, spam and phishing security

Firewall Appliances

we provide and manage Firewall and DNS security


we provide multi-factor authentication support

Governance Polcies

we provide legally binding IT Governance policies

SSL Certificates

we can configure and deploy your SSL Certificates

Offsite backups

we provide offsite disaster recovery backup hosting