SO HO Media Technology specialise in helping businesses setup, manage and maintain business networks and the IT systems that run on them.

We provide 'end to end' IT Solutions - meaning we cover everything that goes into an office space as part of a local or remote work place.

If you are looking to setup a new office space, regain management control of an existing network or wanting to upgrade your existing network, we can help you!

Having worked in IT, Telephony, the Internet and Cybersecurity for over 25 years we have a vast amount of experience to offer you.

For all support and enquiries please call our office during regular business hours on 1300 578 578 or send us an email at any time.

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BUSINESS NETWORKS - on premise and work from home

We support all hardware, software and configuration standards including:

On-premise and cloud based servers, desktop and laptop pc's, O365, SQL, desktop apps, network apps, windows based apps, network switches, modems, NBN, secure WIFI, desk phones, firewalls, secure VPN, Printing as well as comprehensive asset tracking, monitoring and reporting systems covering all hardware devices and installed software packages.

PHONE SYSTEMS - desk phone, web client, mobile app

We provide SIP lines connected directly to the Australian PSTN, landline  numbers, landline number hosting, 1300 hosting, 1800 hosting, desk phones, mobile app (fully integrated), web client (any web browser) and cloud hosted PBX accessible and useable from anywhere in the world.

Our phone system offers either 'per call' rates or 'unlimited call packages with no extra charges for calling mobiles, 1300 or 13 numbers within Australia.

EVERYTHING INTERNET - anything considered as "online"

We can help you create, configure, manage and report all area's of your online presence.

Our experience covers website hosting, email hosting, domain name registrations, DNS configuration, SSL Certificates, website design, e-commerce stores, Social Media platforms, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, remote access to devices and resources, O365 tenant administration, remote storage systems, SharePoint 365, MS Teams and more.

CYBER SECURITY - hardware, software and information

We can help you secure your business devices using layered security technologies intended to block, disrupt and alert unintended digital activity.

Our layered security approach includes providing and supporting network firewalls, antivirus apps for servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, managed dns, secure wifi, active directory management, email filtering, user control policies and various multi-factor authentication systems.